Wuxi Gum Base Co. offers a wide range of high quality gumbase for the confectionery industry.


Gum Base is a non-nutritive masticatory substance (US FDA, “Code of Federal Regulation”). It is an inert and insoluble non-nutritive product used as a support for the edible and soluble portion of the chewing gum (sugar, glucose, polyols and flavours). The general description “Gum Base”, used on chewing gum products throughout the world, is recognised by The Food Chemicals Codex and most national legislation.


Continous updates on regulatory information related to every countries regarding gumbase regulations. On request Wuxi Gum Base Co. can provide information regarding the ingredients permitted or restricted in use in specific markets. Wuxi Gum Base Co.’s products comply with US FDA and EU requirements.


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Gum base applies to stick chewing gum

Gum base applies to coating chewing gum

Gum base applies to center-filled chewing gum

Gum base applies to ball bubble gum

Gum base applies to bazooka bubble gum


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Understanding gum base ingredients and their impact on the properties of the gum base and finally the chewing gum remains a never ending challenge. Research and develop new and different types of gum base to match with any customers’ requirements.

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We can help our clients in developing their products.In our cutting edge laboratory, we bring together various partners to study, test, and scale breakthrough tailor made solutions to achieve what a more and more demanding market needs to satisfy final consumers.

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We offers a wide range of high quality gum base for the confectionery industry.The company specializes in R&D of gum base candies, and aims to provide quality products and technological support for its clients, and has become a model for the gum base industry.


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